Mum forces herself to wear crop top all day to teach little girl self-acceptance


While kids might not always be able to express themselves in the same way as adults, it’s incredible how intuitive they can be.

In fact, it’s incredibly common for children to pick up on their parents’ fears and insecurities and internalise those feelings themselves – without their mums and dads even realising it.

One mum, however, was desperate not to let her little girl inherit her own body confidence issues – and the way she handled it was nothing short of incredible.

Arielle, who goes by the name of Mermaid Mom Arielle on TikTok, explained how overcame her own insecurities by wearing a crop top all day, just so that her daughter wouldn’t pick up on her lack of confidence.

“So I was chatting with my daughter the other day and we were getting up and getting ready, and I usually sleep in crop tops, but I don’t really wear them out,” the mum explained on TikTok. “And my daughter asked me, ‘Oh that looks cute! You should wear that.’ And I said, ‘Oh, I don’t know.'”

But, because kids are so intuitive and can comprehend far more than we ever give them credit for, Arielle’s little girl responded: “Oh, it’s because you don’t like your body, right?”

Arielle continued: “I didn’t want her to know that. So I wore the crop top. And all day I tried to compliment my own body and talk to myself out loud like how I would like her to talk to her body one day.

“I was not completely comfortable all day to be honest. But I feel like I need to get myself there so that I can be the best parent to her.”

The mum has since been heaped in praise by other TikTok users, who thought it was wonderful she was teaching her daughter self-acceptance, even though it made her feel uncomfortable.

“Oh, I love this! My mum always spoke so badly about herself and it caused me me life-long damage,” one person commented.

Meanwhile another added: “Yes you are a great mama! My seven-year-old helps me with my confidence so much. Kids speak 100 percent truth as far as I’m concerned.”

What an amazing mum.