Man blows people’s minds after sharing close-up look at the Travelodge logo


Travelodge has been in business for 48 years but in all that time, have you ever really paid attention to its logo?

Of course, it’s distinctive and if we saw it in the Logo Game, we’d know exactly what it was – but would we know what it was of?

That’s the real question!

Many people often assume the red, purple and blue logo is of some sort of sunset, but if you think this too, you’d be wrong.

A video posted to TikTok showing a close-up look at the logo has blown peoples minds after revealing what it really shows.

Shared by a user named Marcel, who posts under @mrcel07, the clip shows footage taken outside of a Travelodge hotel, zooming in on the logo.

A voiceover asks viewers: “How old were you when you realised the Travelodge logo is people sleeping under a duvet?”

Thousands of people have watched the clip, with many admitting they were today years old.

One person replied: “Today years old. I thought it was just some hills at sunset omgggg.”

Another viewer wrote: “I always thought it was some kinda bougie sunset.”

A third admitted: “I thought it was a mountain.”

“Now I see it, I can’t unsee it. I am 24 and I’ve only just found this out,” said someone else.

“Wow today years old,” proclaimed a different user.

However, others said they’d always known.

A sixth person asked: “What else would it be?”

“Always,” added a seventh. “What did you think it was?”

While a fellow user posted: “I’m proud that I actually know this lol. Found out last year when there was one next to the Starbucks I was going to. Always thought it was a mountain.”