Woman’s hair ‘snaps off’ after hairdresser takes break during treatment


For many people, going to a new hairdresser is a daunting prospect. After all, you’re putting the hair you’ve spent weeks, months and sometimes even years growing into the hands of a complete stranger.

But, the rational among us can appreciate that these people are trained professionals, who deserve a little of trust from us mere mortals.

That being said, sometimes disasters do happen, and sadly, one woman was left feeling full of regret, after she trusted a hairdresser to carry out a chemical straightening procedure on her hair – only to end up losing half a head of hair.

Yep, if you’re someone who regularly straightens their hair, you’ll appreciate just how handy it would be to have your hair chemically relaxed – a treatment which promises to leave curly-haired customers with super smooth hair for up to seven months.

Laura Jarvie, from Tasmania, Australia, went to the hairdressers to do exactly that, but things went majorly off plan when her hairdresser took a lunch break, which resulted in the treatment completely over-developing on her hair.

“My hair was so thick and I’d straighten it every day,” the 24-year-old recalled.

“Honestly I was just being lazy by wanting it chemically straightened – I really didn’t do my research on the risks, I just sort of went for it.”

Laura recently decided to share her experience on TikTok, in a clip which has since gone viral, with thousands horrified at the hair fail.

“Thinking about the time I got my hair chemically straightened and the chick left to get lunch and it over-developed and half my hair snapped off at the roots…” she wrote in a clip.

In the video, Laura can be seen looking forlorn while thinking about the horrific hair disaster, before it cuts to photos of the failed treatment and a huge pile of her long locks on the floor.

“I eventually got my money back, however, it took around two years for my hair to blend in with the parts that didn’t snap off,” she explained.

“In that time I spent approximately £2,700 (AU$5,000) on wigs, supplements, hair treatments, extensions and extension maintenance.”

Unsurprisingly, people were left horrified by how drastically wrong things went for the student, with one person commenting: “As a licenced cosmetologist I hope you sued her – she should have her licence revoked! I’m so sorry, your hair has come back beautifully.”

“I had a little cry and then got over it. I just kept reminding myself that it would grow back and that many other people lose their hair under awful circumstances, like undergoing chemotherapy,” Laura explained.

“I decided to just have a laugh about it. People are so angry on my behalf, which I find hilarious. From the comments, I can tell a lot of people would have had a worse reaction than mine if it were their hair.”