Extra’ bride chooses five outfits for her wedding including a bikini


Choosing a wedding dress can be an incredibly tough decision for a bride.

So instead of trying to whittle down her choices, one self-proclaimed “super extra” bride from the US decided to choose five “wedding outfits.”

The 30-year-old influencer from LA known as @chipgirlhere tied the knot with her hubby last weekend in an extravagant celebration.

She took to TikTok to show off her outfit changes, where she wrote: “When people tell the bride she should only have one outfit,” – and her followers were in awe.

First up for the bride, was a mini dress with sheer detailing for her Vegas hen party at the pool, which she paired with a veil and garter.

Next, the mum-of-four wore a simple white strap dress and bow heels, presumably for the hen do evening.

On the big day, she wore a stunning figure-hugging lace gown with a long train and veil.

She then wore a short, sparkly dress inspired by one Ariana Grande wore in her ‘Don’t Call Her Angel’ music video for her evening celebrations, before changing into a bridal bikini to jump in the pool at the end of the night.

The reception, which doubles as the couple’s home, was just as “extra,” as it was decorated with flower walls, wedding props, and free-flowing champagne.

Since being posted, the video has amassed more than 3.5 million views and almost 1,000 likes from viewers who applauded her decision to wear multiple outfits.

One person said: “This is how I’m dressing at my wedding.”

Another wrote: “And they’re all beautiful!!!”

A third added: “Period yes omg I love this [so much].

“Omg I want to have multiple outfit changes at my wedding,” added a fourth.